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IM Hair Studio


Ivan Montero, Celebrity Hairstylist, has become the go-to hairdresser to a number of Hollywood stars. Attaining his   level of success has been no easy road, as he has been through the immigrant experience like so many other, Although he came to Beverly Hills with a wealth of knowledge from having worked in a Ritzy salon in the privileged area of Polanco in Mexico City, with an equal high-end clientele of well-known politicians and stars, he still had to work his way up the ladder in this foreign land. From washing dishes to selling flowers by the freeway, all while learning English and acquiring his Cosmetology license, Ivan is no stranger to the hard require to get ahead the competitive environment of the City of Angels. Many years later, with an accumulated knowledge of classes with renown instructors, world travels, and an extended stay in Europe, have shape Ivan into an expert colorist and hairdresser in his own salon, IM Hair Studio (Burbank) Montero says that he loves LA as well as the many beautiful people and clients that surround him. His faith in God, paired with his drive and perseverance, compelled him to go further and create an All around, Ivan is an asset to the community of burgeoning Latino talent, adding to the professional enrichment and charitable causes of population achieving success at any cost. Ivan knows the price he had to pay to be where he is, but feels that God took him down this road, and is giving it his all.organization to help women in need. THE BEAUTY of HELPING PEOPLE was founded in early 2013 as a way to help mothers of children with disabilities or diseases. This year they have already been able to help women from the LEAP Foundation. Hand in hand, this organizations, help women to look and feel their best (despite the hardships they may be enduring) by treating them to a complimentary day of pampering and glamour at Ivan’s Salon.

IM Hair Studio provides a spacious, well lit space, that exudes class and comfort for our clients. For IM Hair Studio, beauty is when your hair celebrates your personality and compliments your features. This is the pinnacle of femininity or masculinity and elegance. IM Hair Studio serves current and new customers with great pleasure.

Hours: Tue-Fri 9:30 am – 7:30 pm Sat 9 am – 5 pm

3913 1/2 RIVERSIDE DR. BURBANK CA. 91505

(818) 859-7944 – (818) 824-4320