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Scream Hollow Announces Inaugural Scream Queen


Bastrop, TX – After an intense, month long search, Scream Hollow adds Cassandra Hierholzer as the inaugural Scream Queen. Heirholzer will be the face and shriek of the new attraction. Auditions were held on June 6th, just ahead of filming this season’s TV commercial segments. Scream Hollow Wicked Halloween Park was in search for the loudest, scariest, creepiest, horrorish, most badass screamer in the Austin, Bastrop, San Marcos, Round Rock, San Antonio and surrounding areas.

“We knew almost immediately that Cassandra was the right person,” Norm Glenn Scream Hollow Founder, Owner explained. “She embodies the genre and what we are plan on doing throughout the park. We are excited to have her join the team and have her be a part of our inaugural year.”

unnamed-2Cassandra Hierholzer will be the face of Scream Hollow Wicked Halloween Park for the 2015 season. The Scream Queen will not only be featured in one of the upcoming commercials, Cassandra has already had a professional photo session done at the park (photos available), and ride around town in ‘Alice’, a 1953 beefed-up custom hearse to promote the park.

“My father introduced me at a young age to films like The Exorcist, Rosemary’s Baby and Burnt Offerings. Every weekend we watched a new horror film and I looked forward to it all week. It was there when my love for Horror began,” Cassandra Hierholzer starts.

“My scream itself was used in a couple of those films, and dubbed over for another actress who couldn’t get the pitch I could. But the reality of my vocal talents really hit when I worked for the haunted house for my day job where everyone kept commenting on how intense it was,” said Hierholzer. “Considering my experience modeling, acting, screaming and horror, I thought I had a pretty good shot to at being someone’s Scream Queen!”

About Scream Hollow:

Scream Hollow includes three main attractions — Mansion of Terror, Zombie City, and Slaughter Circus. The grounds also include a family friendly area with a stage for live music, movie screen, fall harvest and carnival foods, a beer and wine bar, retail shops.

The Scream Hollow legacy began as the Mansion of Terror Haunted House which reigned in Austin for 7 years as the Scariest Haunted House in Central Texas.  Featured on the Travel Channel as one of the top 8 in the US.  Rated the #1 Haunted House in the country by Lions Gate Films.  The Mansion of Terror is back as one of three haunted houses at Scream Hollow as a two-story abandoned Victorian mansion build into the forest. 

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