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NDR Therapeutic Riding


NDR Therapeutic Riding is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation located in Norco, California. Founded in August, 2010, the organization achieved nonprofit status in June, 2012. The mission of NDR Therapeutic Riding is to improve the lives of the people with disabilities through therapeutic horse-related programs.

NDR Therapeutic Riding offers group lessons (currently on Saturday mornings), individual lessons, and training for independent riders. For riders who are not yet independent, a lesson includes a horse leader and one or more sidewalkers to assist the student. Horses for therapeutic riding are chosen for their calm disposition and willingness to take direction. Therapeutic riding is provided as a recreation, but like many other recreational activities it can have strong positive effects on the students, including increased strength (especially of the core and upper legs), increased attention, and better ability to follow sequential directions. The skills used by students in a therapeutic program are the same skills used by advanced riders, but at a level appropriate for each individual. Although NDR Therapeutic Riding specializes in adults with developmental disabilities, the organization also serves children and adults with autism, traumatic brain injury, spina bifida, and other disabilities, as well as individuals limited by fear, either because of a previous accident on a horse or a general fear of large animals, and seniors wanting to “get back in the saddle”. The short-term goals of NDR Therapeutic riding are to obtain additional horses and obtain a mechanical lift to assist with the mounting of adults who cannot assist with their own mounting, because of paralysis or other conditions. The long-term goal is to obtain a cover for the arena to allow all-weather use.


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