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Interview with John Sedlar Rivera “Executive Chef of Eloisa”


My grandmother Eloisa Rivera was the first person to teach me to cook. I was not alone – traditionally, women have formed the foundation for New Mexico’s culinary heritage. Abuelas. Madres. Tias. Hermanas. Their hearts and their hands are in every dish associated with New Mexico. Among the world’s great cuisines, New Mexican cooking is undoubtedly the most elemental. Fiery chiles. Earthy beans. Ethereal corn. Celestial water from the acequias that irrigate the rancho. Our cocina celebrates Grandma Eloisa, all the southwestern women, and their satisfying, down-to-earth foods.

Address: 228 E Palace Avenue, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87501

Phone Number: 505.982.0883

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