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OC Meets Napa & Baja Lechuza VineYards Interview



Our goal is to provide a unique selection of wines. We currently offer Lechuza Amantes (Blend),  Lechuza Cabernet Sauvignon, Lechuza Nebbiolo, Lechuza Merlot,

Lechuza Tempranillo and Lechuza Grenache Rose.

Our History

Lechuza wines was established in 2005 by Ray and Patty Magnussen and released its first vintage in 2007.

82.5, Carretera Tecate-Ensenda Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.

Phone: 626-947-6315

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OC Meets Napa & Baja Bodegas de Santo Tomas Interview

Bodegas de Santo Tomas

En Bodegas de Santo Tomás generamos valor y riqueza a la vitivinicultura mexicana a través de la innovación y el talento de nuestros colaboradores,

mediante la transformación y conservación de la tierra y sus frutos para contribuir a enriquecer la experiencia humana de la mesa.

Miramar 666, Centro, 22800 Ensenada, B.C., Mexico

Phone: +52 646 174 0819

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OC Meets Napa & Baja CavaMaciel Wines Interview


Jorge Maciel inició con la producción de vino en el año 2000, sólo como pasatiempo. Con el paso de los años, esta actividad se transformó en auténtica pasión por el quehacer vinícola.

En el 2005 decide comercializar sus vinos y para esto crea una sociedad con Ana Laura Valencia, que se sumó al proyecto.

Al inicio se planteo la elaboración de tres vinos monovarietal, basados en uva Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot y Nebbiolo, mismos que actualmente se encuentran en el mercado (cosecha 2010).

Ya está en el mercado la cosecha 2011, que reune nuestros tres varietales puros con la producción de uva Mourvedre y Petite Sirah.

Nuestra Visión

Crear vinos innovadores de gran calidad para ser comercializados a precios razonables. Producir con rigurosos procesos de vinificación, extrayendo lo mejor de la uva y obtener un producto

final de alta calidad que permita concretar alianzas comerciales de largo plazo con nuestros consumidores.

Segunda y o Rampa 52, 22830 Ensenada, B.C., Mexico

Phone: +52 646 178 5926

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OC Meets Napa & Baja Las Nubes VineYards Interview

LAs Nuves

It was in the year 2009 that the first 12 Ha were planted for commercial production, with the following distribution:

Nebbiolo 3 Ha.

Garnacha(Grenache) 2 Ha.

Cariñena(Carignane) 2 Ha.

Cabernet sauvignon 2 Ha.

Merlot 2 Ha.

Tempranillo 1 Ha.

Sowing density is approximately 3,100 plants per hectare and think of obtaining 5-6 tons per hectare when the plants reach maturity.

For 2010 one more hectare was put with 15 varieties for its study. These varieties are:

White: Chardonnay, Chenin blanc, Sauvignon blanc, Vidal blanc and Viognier.

Red: Barbera, Malbec, Monastrell(Mourvedre), Petit verdot, Petite syrah, Primitivo, Sangiovese, Syrah, Tannat and Zinfandel.

Las Nubes intended as a Viniculture Company, Producer and Distribuitor of wines of the best quality in the zone of Baja California. Through a professional team, using the best inputs and techniques to protect our nature and allow a sustainable and effective development, to meet and satisfy a sophisticated clientele in wine consumption, providing a human development to our personnel and economic profitability to our partners.

Callejón Emiliano Zapata, Ejido el Porvenir, Valle de Guadalupe, 22750 Mpo. Ensenada, B. C., Mexico

Phone: +52 646 156 8037

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OC Meets Napa & Baja Renteria Wines Interview


It is a story told several times over, in the valley, where someone comes to Napa without any experience and many years later is considered a leader in his or her respective part of the wine industry. Such is the case with Salvador. He started his own vineyard management company in 1987 and his son Oscar took over the day to day management in 1993. Today they are among the largest vineyard management companies in Napa Valley and as a result have many fine pieces of real estate to source their grapes from. Some of the vineyards they source from were originally planted by Salvador and today yield very low quantities of intensely flavored grapes. Their first vintage of wine was in 1997.Also of note is their caves are located in the hills of the southern most part of the Mt. Veeder Appellation in the Mayacamas mountain range. We recently had a chance to see these caves; this is in a relatively undeveloped vineyard part of Napa just north of the Carneros region. Only one other winery is in this area. Upcoming plans call for the construction of an actual winery building.

Renteria focuses on two varietals, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. Only one other winery we have visited during our Napa odyssey focuses on the same two varietals and they are Dovetail Vineyards.

As of press time Renteria makes two Pinot Noirs – one from the Russian River area in neighboring Sonoma County and the other from the Napa side of the Carneros district. We tried the 2004 Carneros Knittel Vineyard. This has great Carneros fruit flavors including lots of strawberry (also in the bouquet). Let this wine sit for a while before serving as it needs time to open up, the mid palate is velvety which helps balance out the stronger tannins on the finish. Overall, this is a well balanced wine.

Renteria Wines 5

Several Cabernets are represented including hillside grown fruit from Mt. Veeder and Stag’s Leap. Also of note is Renteria has two other labels: Salva Tierra which means “salt of the earth”, which is Oscar’s wife’s maiden name and Tres Perlas, named after their children (Magnum versions only). The 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon Salva Tierra is a rich wine with soft tannins that is definitely ready to drink now. Renteria’s prices are typically quite reasonably by Napa standards.

Renteria Wines
1106 Clark Street, Napa

Phone: 253-7686

Hours: N/A

Open to Public: Private

Appointments: No

Regular Tours: No

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OC Meets Napa & Baja Encanto VineYards Interview

Encanto Vineyards

Our Proprietors Rosa Segura is the daughter of Don Enrique Segura who settled in the Napa Valley in the mid 1950s. OC Meets Napa & Baja Encanto VineYards Interview is Inspired by the stories of traveling around the States and living in labor camps told to Rosa by her father, she became involved in migrant housing issues in the Napa Valley. Presently, the farmworker housing program is a collaboration of the wine industry in Napa including the Napa Valley Vintners Association, NV Grape Growers Association, the farm bureau, the county, cities and it advocates.  The farmworker centers now serve as models for other agricultural communities around the country and abroad. Enrique Lopez is the youngest of 6 brothers and 8 sisters raised by all of them when his father passed at just 2 years of age.  He was the only one to get a college education and received a degree in Chemical Engineering.


Life circumstances brought him to the Napa Valley where all of his family lived and worked in the fields.  With language as a barrier he found his college degree was of no help in trying to find a job in his field. So he started working in the garden for the great Warren Winiarski in 1987.  Learning English was a priority and soon he found his way into the lab.Enrique worked as a Chemical Engineer from 1988-1999 but agriculture was in his blood and in 2000 he decided to start Servin-Lopez Vineyard Management.  He now provides service work for some of the finest winery estates and vineyards in Napa, Lake and Sonoma Counties including Shafer Vineyards, Donum Estate, and Ehlers Estates. Enrique and Rosa have 4 children, one of whom is attending Fresno State majoring in Viticulture.

“I’m so impressed by the task you are undertaking to do in sharing a comprehensive access to all the many wineries we are lucky to have here in the Valley. I’m amazed how many there are!! It’s an incredible testament to this amazing way of life. Thank you for the style and openness in which you’re approaching it – yours is a significant contribution in communicating the bounty of this valley.” ~ Carissa Mondavi

1106 Clark Street, Napa

Phone: 253-7686

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OC Meets Napa & Baja Honrama Cellars Interview

Horama Cellars

You Like Wine? We Do Too !

LAEXTV had the honor of interviewing Mirian Puentes who was at the Napa & Baja festival representing Honrama Cellars. She explained to viewers how she and her husband both grew up around wine, therefore it is something they are both passionate about. She described two delicious wines, one of which was Napa Valley 2013 she described it as very fresh and crisp. You get a little bit of green apple and honey dew flavors.The second wine she stated tasted like a chocolate covered berry. These both sound incredibly delicious and refreshing!

This festival is great because it is filled with culture and it assists in helping low income families. The next one will be in July 2016! What is your favorite wine?