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The Brasilian Blow Dry In the heart of West Hollywood, CA. “Recap 2018”


A full service salon Brasilian Blow Dry with the goal of providing customers with unique hair styles infused with a Brazilian touch!




The Brasilian Blow Dry started in 2012 with the goal of providing customers with unique blowouts infused with Brasilian style, or more traditional styles. Since childhood, founder Odete Pashaie has had an affinity and a deep passion for creating unique hair styles that complement one’s personality and individuality. Born and raised in Brasil, Odete has instilled that passion and creativity to Brasilian Blow Dry. Our salon is located on the iconic Sunset Strip, in the heart of West Hollywood. We invite you to browse our menu and services. Walk-in or book an appointment today and enjoy a unique experience. Our goal is simple… provide the best blow dry while our customers enjoy a beautiful atmosphere. No cutting, no coloring, no chemicals. Just wash and blow dry. Please browse our menu and come in to experience Brasilian Blow Dry Bar.

Founder Odete Pashaie has had an affinity and a deep passion for creating unique hair styles that complement one’s personality and individuality since childhood. Born and raised in Brasil, Odete has instilled that passion and creativity to Brasilian Blow Dry. Our salon is located on the iconic Sunset Strip, in the heart of West Hollywood. We invite you to browse our menu and services. Walk-in or book an appointment today and enjoy a unique experience.

8969 W Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, California
Call (310) 858-8136
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Shadow Theater Comes to Los Angeles

Shadow Thearer

The Radar L.A. Festival presents “Ground to Cloud” a theatre show that uses not only actors but also their shadows for storytelling. Director Christine Marie, who has been studying shadows and experimenting with large scale shadow work for many years has her work now presented at REDCAT (The Roy and Edna Disney CalArts Theatre), part of the Disney Hall complex in downtown Los Angeles.

Masks and puppets are very commonly used for storytelling in the oriental world. The director has studied puppetry in Thailand and created a new concept using live actors as well. Instead of having puppeteers behind a screen to make the shadows, the director gave room to actors to help tell the story. The cast of “Ground to Cloud” (Kat Heverin, Carina Haller, Luisa Collins Chris Webb and Eddie Rowland) is responsible for every part of the show. They perform in front of the screen, creating big shadows with their bodies as well as masks and other objects. The acting is phenomenal, and it has to be extremely precise. The lead, Carina Haller, who has a dance background, creates stunning shapes with her body as she dances with a kite, effectively evoking the romance in the story. Any mistake can be seen magnified as their image is being reflected four to six times bigger by their shadows. Nevertheless the actors have complete control over their bodies and facial expressions, which captivate even more than the large scale of the show itself.

“Ground to Cloud” tells the story of Benjamin Franklin finding light for the first time. The team, all students and alumni from the California Institute of the Arts, are trained by Christine Marie for months to learn how to work with shadows. The large-scale shadow theater is a new form of storytelling that has the potential to become a completely new art form in America as new forms of visual entertainments rapidly evolve (think of the popularity of 3D imaging in films, for instance). The cast and the director create everything in the show, and though the visual imagery may seem like special effects straight from a movie, the only digital part of the show is the soundtrack selected to support the story. This is a wonderful opportunity for people who enjoy digitalized entertainment because it is very close to the cinematic feel, even though it is live theatre.

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IM Hair Studio


Ivan Montero, Celebrity Hairstylist, has become the go-to hairdresser to a number of Hollywood stars. Attaining his   level of success has been no easy road, as he has been through the immigrant experience like so many other, Although he came to Beverly Hills with a wealth of knowledge from having worked in a Ritzy salon in the privileged area of Polanco in Mexico City, with an equal high-end clientele of well-known politicians and stars, he still had to work his way up the ladder in this foreign land. From washing dishes to selling flowers by the freeway, all while learning English and acquiring his Cosmetology license, Ivan is no stranger to the hard require to get ahead the competitive environment of the City of Angels. Many years later, with an accumulated knowledge of classes with renown instructors, world travels, and an extended stay in Europe, have shape Ivan into an expert colorist and hairdresser in his own salon, IM Hair Studio (Burbank) Montero says that he loves LA as well as the many beautiful people and clients that surround him. His faith in God, paired with his drive and perseverance, compelled him to go further and create an All around, Ivan is an asset to the community of burgeoning Latino talent, adding to the professional enrichment and charitable causes of population achieving success at any cost. Ivan knows the price he had to pay to be where he is, but feels that God took him down this road, and is giving it his all.organization to help women in need. THE BEAUTY of HELPING PEOPLE was founded in early 2013 as a way to help mothers of children with disabilities or diseases. This year they have already been able to help women from the LEAP Foundation. Hand in hand, this organizations, help women to look and feel their best (despite the hardships they may be enduring) by treating them to a complimentary day of pampering and glamour at Ivan’s Salon.

IM Hair Studio provides a spacious, well lit space, that exudes class and comfort for our clients. For IM Hair Studio, beauty is when your hair celebrates your personality and compliments your features. This is the pinnacle of femininity or masculinity and elegance. IM Hair Studio serves current and new customers with great pleasure.

Hours: Tue-Fri 9:30 am – 7:30 pm Sat 9 am – 5 pm

3913 1/2 RIVERSIDE DR. BURBANK CA. 91505

(818) 859-7944 – (818) 824-4320

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Atlanta Based Attorney, and Legal Expert, Angela Kinley


Angela Kinley, AKA “My Blonde Attorney,” is an Atlanta, GA based private practice attorney who runs her own law firm specializing in family law, DUI defense, civil litigation and corporate law. She is also a noted legal expert who provides legal commentary and expertise for news and entertainment networks locally, nationally and internationally. Career highlights include trying a case that was broadcast internationally on HLN and its affiliates – Tameka Raymond v. Usher Raymond in August 2013, appearing on Good Morning America, CNN and various programs on HLN as a legal analyst as well as lecturing for local bar associates on the practice of law in juvenile court and working with disadvantaged children and families in the juvenile justice system. In an effort to differentiate herself from the pack of lawyers filling up the Atlanta market, Angela created “My Blonde Attorney” to make herself memorable and let clients know that she had a lighter side (not usually seen in most attorneys). Playing up the “Legally Blonde” angle has served her well, appearing as “My Blonde Attorney” in Atlanta’s Jezebel Modern Luxury Magazine as an “influential insider” as well as on several HLN shows including HLN After Dark and On the Case. She is also in development of her own television series “My Blonde Attorney” which chronicles her daily life as an attorney, activist, friend and media personality.


Angela was born in Manistee, Michigan and lived there until she graduated from high school.  She went to college at the Lee Honors College at Western Michigan University and received her JD from Valparaiso Univeristy School of Law outside of Chicago before settling in Atlanta, where she has run her own practice since 2007. Angela has encountered numerous teachers/professors over the years that have ridiculed and dismissed her because of her blonde appearance — the film “Legally Blonde” came out just before she went to law school. Her first year civil procedure professor actually referred to her as “Elle Woods” in front of her entire class — she later apologized at the honors dinner during graduation week!  In fact, Angela pursued a law degree largely because her teacher in second grade told her that she would never be a lawyer after announcing her career goal in class one day. So rather than fight the stereotype, she fully embraces her My Blonde Attorney persona where she continues to break down stereotypes.

In addition to her practice and legal commentary work, Angela continues to lecture for local bar associates on the practice of law in juvenile court and working with disadvantaged children and families in the juvenile justice system. An avid sports fan (she is a Green Bay Packers shareholder, season ticket holder for the Atlanta Hawks and golfer), Angela hopes to expand her legal analyst work to one day work for ESPN (to combine her love of sports with law) and expand her law firm so she can return to her earlier work of helping disadvantaged children caught up in the legal system.  She is also active in charity work: Angels Among Us and Georgia SPCA – animal rescue groups in Atlanta.  She sponsored the 1st Annual Ludacris Foundation golf tournament benefitting disadvantaged children in Atlanta, sponsors the Susan G. Komen Atlanta 3 day walk and is the team leader for the upcoming Atlanta Humane Society Walk for the Animals in October. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her partner Joe (who works in finance) and their two dogs Stella and Sampson.

All media and bookings please contact Jenn Salinas of Mosaic Public Relations at: Email: or via phone at: (310) 614-3944.




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XGIMI launches a novel 3D Hi-Fi smart projector


XGIMI launches a novel 3D Hi-Fi smart projector on Indiegogo which sold more than 70 million RMB projectors in China on November 11th, 2015, the single’s day, is now launching their new productZ4 aurora on Indiegogo (www.). XGIMI Z4 aurora is a 3D LED projector built in with XGIMI Z4 aurora customized stereo and Android system, it allows customs project live videos up to 300 inches anywhere and anytime.Z4 Aurora looks like a gramophone. It can turn any surface into an up to 300 inches giant screen. With the company’s unique image and color enhancement techniques, more exquisite images and clearer text are provided. To extend the bulb’s lifetime, this projector uses OSRAM LED illumination which changes the lifetime to 30,000 hours. Z4 aurora also owns a special function: it can convert any 2D image into a 3D image, so the users will have a more realistic experience when they are watching a sport game or a war movie. Besides, the built in Harman Kardon customized stereo provides an ultimate sound quality, which optimizes the user experience. Z4 aurora also offers multiple ways to play online streaming by the built in Android OS and Wi-Fi. This device also offers Bluetooth, HDMI, USB and 16GB storage. The gesture control allows the customs to change the video/song, or adjust the volume by waving their hands.The price of Z4 aurora on Indiegogo starts from $499. XGIMI technology, the Chinese famous projector producer, designed this all in one projector aims to provide an affordable way for the customs to enjoy home theatre while on the go.


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Scream Hollow Announces Inaugural Scream Queen


Bastrop, TX – After an intense, month long search, Scream Hollow adds Cassandra Hierholzer as the inaugural Scream Queen. Heirholzer will be the face and shriek of the new attraction. Auditions were held on June 6th, just ahead of filming this season’s TV commercial segments. Scream Hollow Wicked Halloween Park was in search for the loudest, scariest, creepiest, horrorish, most badass screamer in the Austin, Bastrop, San Marcos, Round Rock, San Antonio and surrounding areas.

“We knew almost immediately that Cassandra was the right person,” Norm Glenn Scream Hollow Founder, Owner explained. “She embodies the genre and what we are plan on doing throughout the park. We are excited to have her join the team and have her be a part of our inaugural year.”

unnamed-2Cassandra Hierholzer will be the face of Scream Hollow Wicked Halloween Park for the 2015 season. The Scream Queen will not only be featured in one of the upcoming commercials, Cassandra has already had a professional photo session done at the park (photos available), and ride around town in ‘Alice’, a 1953 beefed-up custom hearse to promote the park.

“My father introduced me at a young age to films like The Exorcist, Rosemary’s Baby and Burnt Offerings. Every weekend we watched a new horror film and I looked forward to it all week. It was there when my love for Horror began,” Cassandra Hierholzer starts.

“My scream itself was used in a couple of those films, and dubbed over for another actress who couldn’t get the pitch I could. But the reality of my vocal talents really hit when I worked for the haunted house for my day job where everyone kept commenting on how intense it was,” said Hierholzer. “Considering my experience modeling, acting, screaming and horror, I thought I had a pretty good shot to at being someone’s Scream Queen!”

About Scream Hollow:

Scream Hollow includes three main attractions — Mansion of Terror, Zombie City, and Slaughter Circus. The grounds also include a family friendly area with a stage for live music, movie screen, fall harvest and carnival foods, a beer and wine bar, retail shops.

The Scream Hollow legacy began as the Mansion of Terror Haunted House which reigned in Austin for 7 years as the Scariest Haunted House in Central Texas.  Featured on the Travel Channel as one of the top 8 in the US.  Rated the #1 Haunted House in the country by Lions Gate Films.  The Mansion of Terror is back as one of three haunted houses at Scream Hollow as a two-story abandoned Victorian mansion build into the forest. 

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Black Opal Beauty Introduces Luxurious Shades


Black Opal, a leader in the cosmetics and skincare industry for over 20 years and a brand that celebrates women of all complexions, proudly introduces four vividly elegant lip shades into their signature Color Splurge Luxe Crème and Luxe Matte lipstick collections. These sumptuous, hydrating lip shades are enhanced with moisture-binding formulas, giving lips a fuller look and feel while providing long lasting, intense color. Be bold and daring with the bright French Pink or purple violet Berry Wicked Luxe Creme Lipstick or subtle and sexy with the soft lavender Iris or nude beige In The Buff Luxe Matte Lipstick shades. The brilliant new lip colors are available exclusively online today (

Formulated to nourish, moisturize, and condition lips, all Black Opal Color Splurge Lip products are infused with vitamins A, C and E to provide superior antioxidant protection and smooth finish. You can find Black Opal products in select Walmart, CVS/Pharmacy, Rite Aid, Duane Reade, Kmart, Beauty Supply Stores, and online at


Black Opal offers limitless possibilities in cosmetics and skincare to enhance the diverse beauty and address the unique needs of skin color.  With this targeted focus, Black Opal has solidified its position as the most trusted beauty brand for women of all complexions.  Black Opal is a global brand available in 30 countries worldwide.

 Black Opal products are available for purchase by visiting or in select retailers including Walmart, CVS/Pharmacy, Rite Aid, Duane Reade, Kmart and Beauty Supply Stores nationwide.

 For more information contact

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NDR Therapeutic Riding


NDR Therapeutic Riding is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation located in Norco, California. Founded in August, 2010, the organization achieved nonprofit status in June, 2012. The mission of NDR Therapeutic Riding is to improve the lives of the people with disabilities through therapeutic horse-related programs.

NDR Therapeutic Riding offers group lessons (currently on Saturday mornings), individual lessons, and training for independent riders. For riders who are not yet independent, a lesson includes a horse leader and one or more sidewalkers to assist the student. Horses for therapeutic riding are chosen for their calm disposition and willingness to take direction. Therapeutic riding is provided as a recreation, but like many other recreational activities it can have strong positive effects on the students, including increased strength (especially of the core and upper legs), increased attention, and better ability to follow sequential directions. The skills used by students in a therapeutic program are the same skills used by advanced riders, but at a level appropriate for each individual. Although NDR Therapeutic Riding specializes in adults with developmental disabilities, the organization also serves children and adults with autism, traumatic brain injury, spina bifida, and other disabilities, as well as individuals limited by fear, either because of a previous accident on a horse or a general fear of large animals, and seniors wanting to “get back in the saddle”. The short-term goals of NDR Therapeutic riding are to obtain additional horses and obtain a mechanical lift to assist with the mounting of adults who cannot assist with their own mounting, because of paralysis or other conditions. The long-term goal is to obtain a cover for the arena to allow all-weather use.