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Art Laboe interview ” The SoCal Godfather of the Airwaves “

Art laboe

Art Laboe  The SoCal Godfather of the Airwaves  (born Arthur Egnoian on August 7, 1925) is an Armenian American disc jockey, songwriter, record producer, and radio station owner who is generally credited with coining the term “Oldies But Goodies”

Laboe was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and moved to Los Angeles during his high school years. He graduated from Washington High School at age 16 (he was promoted from first to the third grade during elementary school). Being smart isn’t the same as being motivated, as Laboe admits that the only ‘A’ he got in high school was in shop class. But he went on to attend Los Angeles City College, San Mateo Junior College and Stanford University, studying radio engineering. Laboe moved to LA and became a DJ in 1949 on stations, KPOP, KRKD. Art started a radio show from the Scrivner’s Drive-In. Teenagers would come to the Drive-In and hang out, and give live on-air dedications for songs and Art began to make a list of the most frequently requested songs. With the live radio show going, he had the audience, he had the lists of requests and he began to turn that concept into an idea for an album. Later he moved to KXLA which became KRLA where he stayed for many years.

Art Laboe is currently heard on two radio shows in the South Western United States. The Art Laboe Sunday Special, which broadcasts every Sunday from 6pm-12 midnight PST in 12 different radio markets including Los Angeles on KHHT Hot 92.3 (which later dropped the program in 2015 after it flipped formats to R&B/Hip-Hop). The show began on 99.1 KGGI Riverside in 1991 and is also heard from San Diego Magic 92.5 to Albuquerque Wild 97.7 and is consistently top rated.

In January 2006, Laboe debuted another syndicated Request and Dedication radio show, the Art Laboe Connection. Art Laboe hosts this show Weeknights 7p–12mid, which began on KDES Palm Springs and KOKO Fresno and shortly after expanded to Hot 92.3 Los Angeles (until its 2015 format flip), Mega 104.3 Phoenix and stations in Bakersfield and Santa Maria

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Rare & Exclusive Interview with Freestyle Artist ” Lisa Lisa “


One of the greatest RnB/Pop divas to come out of the 1980’s music scene, Lisa Velez scored a series of hits. Known by her stage name, Lisa Lisa, she and her band, “Cult Jam”, produced 5 albums that sealed their fame in New York City’s thriving musical scene.

The youngest of 10 children born in the Hell’s Kitchen section of New York City, Lisa aspired to be a singer very early on in life. At the age of 13, Lisa would sneak out to nightclubs where she met Mike Hughes of “Cult Jam”. Mike introduced her to Rap band Full Force. The band was immediately impressed with Lisa’s angelic sounding voice and launched her to super-stardom.

The first Latin artist to make it big nationwide, Lisa Lisa is seen as a pioneer for any Latin artists who have entered the English-language market. She scored top 10 hits with songs like “I Wonder If I Take You Home,” “All Cried Out,” “Let The Beat Hit Em”, “Lost In Emotion”, “Little Jackie” and “Head to Toe”.

After disbanding in 1994, Lisa released the funk-soul album “LL77” which included the Top 40 hit “Skip To My Lu” and her first Spanish-language track “Cuando Me Enamore” which peaked at #1 on Puerto Rico radio stations.

Later in the 90’s Lisa starred in Broadway and off Broadway plays such as “Barrio Babes” and “West Side Story”. In 2001, Lisa starred in the Nickelodeon series “Taina” playing Gloria Morales, Taina’s young and sharp witted mother. Lisa also made a guest appearance on Law & Order’s 300th episode in 2003.

Television performances on BET and the ALMA Awards indicated a comeback for the Latin RnB songstress. In 2009, Lisa released her seventh album “Life N Love”, her first bilingual album.

In 2012, Lisa began working on her eighth studio album which has yet to be titled. Fans can catch her on her tour which is set to kick off on August 22nd.

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Ricky Dillon “Problematic” featuring Snoop Dogg !

Ricky Dillon
Ricky Dillon, is a 23 year old Youtuber with over 10-million subscribers across social medias such as Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. Ricky makes weekly comedy videos on his youtube channel but is also a singer. He has just released his album “GOLD” on Jan 15th which showcases his song “Problematic” featuring legendary rap artist Snoop Dogg.
I worked on a lot of my album with Bobby J Frausto (aka “Bobby J”), who is such an incredible producer. When we started “Problematic” I expressed to him how all my songs thus far have been all about family, friends and the good side of me, which isn’t bad at all! However, I kind of wanted to switch gears and put out something a bit more sassy. For some reason, I’ve always wanted to name a song “Problematic”. I just think it’s such a fun word and I’ve always thought it would make a really great song name.
Ricky and Snoop dogg
About a day later, Bobby J sent me a track (he had written and produced that night) and immediately I knew, this was the perfect song, this was “Problematic”! He called me shortly after and said “Ricky, I think we need a rap feature on this record,  it would sound great!” So he reached out to Snoop Dogg and that night, Snoop was confirmed. He felt great about the song so it worked out!
I have to say, the experience of working with a legend in the rap industry has been like no other and completely nerve racking – but so fun. I have a huge amount of respect for Snoop Dogg and got to see the “real” side of him. Not to mention, his comedic side… Every few minutes he would crack a joke or make a funny statement to keep us all smiling. It’s been a true honor and pleasure. I look forward to working with more amazing artists like him.
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Exclusive Interview with Suzi Carr in Concert

Suzi Carr 670x350

Suzi Carr has one of the most amazing and identifiable voices in the world. She is best know for her rich and sensual vocals on the 4 #1 Will To Power smash hits: “Baby I Love Your Way” (the most played record of ’89), “Dreamin” (#1 for the entire year Billboard Dance Charts), “Say It’s Gonna Rain”, (#1 for the entire year Billboard Dance Charts), and “Fading Away” (#1 for the entire year Billboard Dance Charts).

Suzi’s singing career began at West Virginia University when her Chi Omega Sorority entered her in the Miss America Preliminary, Miss WVU pageant where she was 1st Runner Up and went on to win two more titles. After graduating with a degree in Psychology she became a professional singer, moved to Ft. Lauderdale and the rest is history

Suzi wrote 2 songs for Gloria Estefan’s Primitive Love CD, “Body To Body” and “Surrender Paradise”. A few years later she met producer Bob Rosenberg at the Winter Music Conference and together they became ‘Will To Power’. After their debut cd which garnered 4 #1 hits and a turbulent relationship, Suzi left the group and moved to Los Angeles. She went on to write and record 2 more #1 records, “All Over Me” which is considered to be one of the top dance records of all times in the U.K. and “Love Me For Life”.

Suzi has just recorded her dream project with legendary producer Randy Waldman. He has worked with Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mary J Blige, Michael Buble, Streisand and Beyonce to name a few. Suzi’s collaborations with Randy include “Superstar“, “A Song For You” and “You Raise Me Up/Bridge Over Troubled Water”. They are now available on iTunes, Amazon etc.

Suzi Carr 670x350

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Exclusive Interview with Trinere


Trinere Veronica Farrington (born November 29, 1964 in MiamiFlorida), better known as Trinere, is an American singer, songwriter and recording artist who had several major dance hits in the 1980s and early ’90s and who was very influential in the freestyle music genre. Today these songs are considered classics of the freestyle genre.

Trinere recorded with several record companies, mostly out of Miami, Florida, known for its output of popular freestyle music. Trinere’s music was mostly produced by popular Miami DJ, “Pretty Tony” Butler. Many consider her the “Queen of Freestyle” Her most notable chart successes were her album Forever Yours (Pandisc, 1991), which reached the Top 40 on Billboards Hot Black Albums chart for several weeks, and her single “I’ll Be All You Ever Need”, which raced up the Hot Dance Singles and Hot Club Play charts in the summer of 1986.

A Miami native, she always wanted to sing professionally since the age of five. After graduating from high school, Trinere went on to study music at the University of Miami, Florid


Trinere was influenced and inspired by singers such as Donna SummerNatalie Cole, Phillis Hyman, MadonnaJanet Jackson and Teena Marie. During college, Trinere was the lead vocalist for a popular band in Coconut Grove, Florida, called Euphoria. Upon finishing her studies at the University of Miami, Trinere spent some time working with the music artist Rick James and his group the Mary Jane Girls.

In 1984, Trinere met famed dance, freestyle and electro/hip-hop producer Tony Butler in Miami. Pretty Tony crossed genres and experimented with producing freestyle music with Trinere. Trinere’s dynamic voice and Pretty Tony’s ability to incorporate sounds captivated and solidified a large Latin fanbase, which spread across the U.S., Europe and South America.

Her first release was the single “I Know You Love Me” in 1984; this was re-released two years later. The following year, Trinere released the popular songs “All Night” and “Can’t Get Enough”, followed by “How Can We Be Wrong”. A remix for “All Night” was also released.

Trinere began to tour extensively, selling millions of records around the world, and having a number of dance chart hits.

Music Specialists/Jam Packed Records of Miami released her self-titled debut album in 1986. The album contained not only the previous hits she had already released but also several other tracks which would become classic freestyle anthems, “They’re Playing Our Song” and “I’ll Be All You Ever Need”. All of them still receive radio airplay to this day.

Pandisc Records released two more of Trinere’s singles, including “Can’t Stop The Beat”, which was her biggest hit for Pandisc.

She released three more albums between 1990 and 1992: Forever Yours (1990), Games (1991) and Trinere’s in the House! (1992).

Trinere and Pretty Tony had a son, Brandon C. Butler. In 1996, the last single that Trinere would release would be “When I Hear Music”, a remix of another Pretty Tony production with Debbie Deb.


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Colby O’Donis Rare Interview

Colby O'Donis

Colby O’Donis (born Colby O’Donis Colón: March 14, 1989) is an American singer, songwriter, actor and record producer. He is best known as a featured artist in the Lady Gaga single “Just Dance”, which spent more than eleven months on the Billboard Hot 100. He is also well known for his lead single on his debut album Colby O titled “What You Got” featuring Akon, which peaked at number 14 on the Hot 100, and being featured on Akon’s song “Beautiful”, which peaked at number 19 on the Hot 100.
Colby O’Donis Colón, who is of Puerto Rican, African American and Italian descent, was born in Queens, New York, and grew up there and in Florida.His mother, Olga, is a singer once crowned Miss Puerto Rico in NY, and his father, Freddy Colón, who is of Puerto Rican and African American decent is a New York disc jockey. He was named after Colby O’Donis, a firefighter who was killed while saving his father’s life. O’Donis has one sister, who is five years older than he is. He has stated that, for seven years, she helped pay for his dance, piano, and guitar lessons out of her own paychecks. His parents first realized his singing talent when he took first place at a talent show by singing a Michael Jackson song when he was only three and a half.

1997–2007: Beginnings

When he was eight, his parents relocated to Orlando, Florida and a year later he began collaborating with the production group Full Force, the same group that had worked with the Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync, and Britney Spears.[9] Colby’s rise to fame began at age ten, when he became the youngest recording artist ever signed to Motown Records in order to do a song for a major motion picture soundtrack. The song, titled “Mouse in the House”, was featured on the 1999 Stuart Little soundtrack.[10] Soon after, he began taking guitar lessons with Johan Oiested, a musician in Carlos Santana’s rhythm section. At the age of eleven, he was making regular appearances as an actor on the television series Grandpa’s Garage. At age twelve his father bought him his first production studio and, by the time he had reached fourteen, Colby was opening local Florida shows for major recording artists, including the Backstreet Boys, Brian McKnight, 98°, Britney Spears, and Ne-Yo.[6][11] Shortly after his fifteenth birthday, Colby’s parents made the decision to relocate to Los Angeles and pursue a recording deal. After this move, Colby was introduced to Genuine Music Group, where he began collaborating on producing an LP album consisting of songs from his catalog and songs co-written by producers Damon Sharpe, Gregg Pagani, and Brion James.[8]

In 2006, O’Donis almost signed a record deal with Babyface.[12] However, before the deal was finalized, O’Donis’ management set up a meeting between O’Donis and Akon. They got in the studio where Colby played Akon his first demo of fourteen songs, and Akon loved and “really connected with it”. A few weeks later, they set up a session and began working on music where O’Donis said they had really good chemistry from the start. At this time, Akon told O’Donis that he was starting his own label, called Konvict Muzik, and asked if he wanted to be a part of it. O’Donis agreed and, for the next two years, he waited for the label to “get going and achieve the stature they need to launch new artists” before being officially signed.[3][13]

O’Donis has said that, before he signed with Interscope and Akon, he had already released six independent record albums.[6][9]

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LOREN is well beyond her years…

Feature Images
15 year-old indie pop singer/songwriter, Loren has premiered her new music video for “Echo“via NYLON today, here: The song comes from her debut EP The Dare – set for release on October 16th, 2015. Loren’s moody, sonic landscapes combine her seemingly soft singing style with an intensity that is well beyond her years. Fans can now pre-order The Dare EP and receive an instant download of Echovia iTunes. For more information, please visit:


lorenAt the age of 8, Loren wrote her first song (complete with lyrics, a melody, and a piano arrangement) called “Journey”. Unaware of her beauty and the power of her talent, Loren uses writing to work through issues in her life, explaining, “the process provides clarity on life problems, helping me to solve them.” She continues, “Whenever I’m scared to do something, make decisions, anything that makes me nervous, I’ll dare myself. So when I was scared of making a record, I dared myself to do it.

 With her meticulous attention to sound and style, unassuming approach to singing, and unique combination of classical piano arrangements and modern pop, Loren creates a continuous piano transition from one song to the next on her debut EP, The Dare. The teen boasts a range of influences – including SiaFlorence and the MachineBach and Chopin – creating a debut EP that embodies the young, smart female who cares to look a little deeper. Loren will release her debut EP, The Dare on October 16th, 2015.

Be sure to keep up with Loren on her social networks:






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