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Brazilian Food is Shopping Food


by: Nida Khurshid

Clothes, handbags, jewelry, shoes and…brazilian food! The fashion district in downtown LA houses not only some of the best shopping but also some of the best undiscovered restaurants like Wood Spoon. This charming eatery serves Brazil’s best foods with a homemade but elegant twist.
Easy to miss on the street, but the best things in life are the ones that are sometimes hardest to find aren’t they? On the corner of Ninth and Main street, the Wood Spoon embraces you with their authentic menu as soon as you walk in. Some of the restaurant’s personal favorites are the Brazilian pot pie, pork burger and the Franco com Quiabo which is the famous Brazilian chicken stew with okra served with polenta and black beans. To top your palette off you can sip on a cool Guarana which is the Brazilian soda they serve; and after indulging in the authentic favorites, you can dive into the homemade desserts which change every day with your choice of a hot beverage.


If all of that heavy food talk was a bit overwhelming then don’t worry, they have salads ladies! Stop by for lunch after wearing down your heels shopping and try their fresh beet salad filled with beets, tomato, avocado topped with lime olive oil and cilantro. If you’re feeling a little naughty then you can even indulge in a Pastel Portuguese which is a dumpling stuffed with shrimp and coconut sauce. Don’t worry, some more walking and  shopping in those 4 inch heels will burn off that dumpling quick! Oh and just in case you want to celebrate that amazing $20 handbag deal you just snagged, treat yourself to a Brazilian Sangria. A good shopping find should always come with a celebration drink.

   For more info, hours and directions to Wood Spoon, visit their website:

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